Tongue-in-cheek Facepiece

$19.00 here we are..making masks!  This particularly fun and playful is built using scraps from a recent production.  The shell fabric is from Candiani denim and boasts an amazing bacterial-static processing originally intended for long lasting jeans!  So, why not use the best next to your face? because who wants to be huffing bleach and other chemicals when we’re all just trying to fit this nasty virus. 

INTERIOR: we built you a pocket so you can put your own carbon filters.  It’s made from an unbleached organic cotton twill. 

DETAILS: The elastic is kept long and includes the cinch toggle to easily adjust and just tote it around your neck. 

It wouldn’t be complete without a little fun, so we added a little tongue and smile! 


 *WARNING - this designer facepiece intended to serve as a barrier from common dust & to serve as a reminder to not touch your face!  We make no claim that this or any additions to this face shield will protect against any virus - including corona virus, COV19, COVID, COVID19 - fumes or any other biological hazards. This mask device is NOT NIOSH certified and not cleared by the FDA.  It’s not to be used as a respirator mask. Use at your own risk. 


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